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About Intercomm

The Intergalactic Web™ is the most easy-to-use, full-featured website ever created for the Internet.

Everybody on the Intergalactic Web gets their own free site where they can share their photos, videos, music and audio, set up their online store, create polls, send private messages, chat and more.

With the Intergalactic Web, you no longer need to log in to dozens of different social networking, content sharing, dating, job search and shopping websites. In all, the Intergalactic Web provides every person, community and business on our planet with over 40 of the most popular applications available today; combining everything you do into a single website under a single username: your Intergalactic NameTag.

Four age-appropriate sub-sites

Intergalactic Web users are divided into four secure, isolated, age-appropriate sub-sites: Pegafish™, Pegafish Sr™, Pegafish Teen™ and Pegafish Jr™.

Pegafish (the main site) is for anyone over 18 years old. Adults can post anything legal, but porn and nudity are not allowed.

Pegafish Sr is a site for senior users (55 and older) to interact with each other in a more mature environment if they wish. But, as a Pegafish Sr user, you can still view content and interact with younger adults from Pegafish if you wish. The choice is yours.
Pegafish Teen is for anyone between 13 and 20. Teenagers can communicate with each other in the isolated environment of Pegafish Teen. Underaged teens' accounts will need to be linked to an adult account.
Pegafish Jr is for kids from 0 to 13 years old including children who plan to be born within the next 9 months. Children on Pegafish Jr. can only interact with other children. Children's accounts will be controlled by an adult account.

The (patent pending) Intergalactic Information Navigator™

Surfing the Intergalactic Web is a unique, simplified, engaging experience powered by easily understood 'who', 'what', 'where', 'when' and 'how' pushbuttons. It is intuitive, engaging, enticing, full-featured, power-packed, and very easy to use.

Being pushbutton-based, the Intergalactic Information Navigator controls allow you to navigate through information simply by pushing buttons or selecting items from a list. You can also use one of many content-specific search boxes to narrow your search even further.

People on the Intergalactic Web
Anybody from Earth, Mars or Venus can set up a free account on the Intergalactic Web. After registering you can send out News Flashes; share videos; set up your online store; post classified ads; share photos; communicate with other people with private messages or in your personal chat rooms; create forums and ongoing discussions; create your dating profile; post your resume, demo reel or samples of your work; apply for jobs, and more.


Groups on the Intergalactic Web
Groups of friends, clubs, sports teams, professional associations, travel and adventure groups, addiction recovery groups, Parent Teacher Associations, school bands, families, friends, cliques, and hundreds of other groups of people get the same apps that a person does. Your group can use its online store to collect membership fees and sell products. You can use your site to communicate with your members, promote activities and more.


Businesses on the Intergalactic Web

Any business can set up a free account on the Intergalactic Web. Businesses are able to fully stock their online store, create job postings, search for job candidates, and promote their business immediately upon registering. They get all of the same apps that every person and group gets including: News Feeds, News Flashes, Chat Rooms, Blogs, Event Calendars, Forums, Newsletters, and more.


Audio / Music

Share your original music or audio recordings on the Intergalactic Web.

Upload your original music. Let people listen to it or sell it in your online store.

Stop making people search for your Blog. Post your Blog on the same site where you share your photos, videos and social networking posts. All for free on the Intergalactic Web.


Public and Private Chat Rooms
Set up public or private chat rooms for your friends, followers, customers and community members. Everyone on the Intergalactic Web gets their own personal chat rooms to use as they please.


Classified Ads
Sell your stuff with the Intergalactic Web's Classified Ads. Buy, sell, or find a good trade. You choose where you want the ad to run: only in your local zip code, across your entire city, throughout your entire county, in your state, across an entire country or across the entire planet. The choice is yours.


Fill out your personal profile (if you want) and find other people to spend time with in your local area, city, county, state, country, or anywhere on your planet. Planning a trip to somewhere else and want to meet people like you there? The Intergalactic Web's Dating app lets you perform shallow or deep profile searches, engage in private chats, send private messages or video chat with dating prospects. Start out anonymous and expose yourself gradually as you become comfortable with a dating prospect. It's all in your control.


Public and Private Journals

Keep a private journal or make it public and share your adventures with your followers. The Intergalactic Web's Journal app lets you keep a daily journal of your life's activities. Keep it private or share it with others. It's up to you how you use it.


Calendars and Public and Private Events

Keep a private calendar or make it public and use it to notify other people of your upcoming events, gigs, performances, activities, fund raisers.... whatever you want to share with your friends, family, team members, customers or fans. Use it as you wish: private or public.


Flashback Videos

If your entire life suddenly flashed before your eyes in 30 seconds, and other people could see it, what would they see so far?

Show them here. We'll help you compile a short, 30 second video of pictures, videos and sounds that sum up your life from beginning until now.

What will your Flashback video look like?

FlashGrams™ - Vanishing Messages
Need to send a quick message, photo or video to someone, but you don't want it to live forever on the Internet? Send a FlashGram™. We've got you covered.


Flash Videos™ - 7 Seconds of Fun

Everybody loves a quick burst of entertainment!

Your Intergalactic Web site comes already set up for you to post short, quick, 7 second videos designed for pure entertainment. Make people laugh, smile, cringe, cry, chuckle... whatever you feel like making them do by entertaining them for 7 seconds at a time.


Forums and Ongoing Discussions

Your site is already set up to support ongoing discussions and forums.

Sometimes conversations need more than a text message, a chat room or a private message. Some questions need to be answered and shared with other people. Use your site's forums to share information with your customers, group members, family, friends or fans. Let them share information with each other using your ongoing discussions and forums.


Of course we'll have games! Play with your friends. Play by yourself. The first games will be coming soon!

Job Hunters

Post your resume, demo reel, sample work, etc. for free on your personal or business site. Let people know who you are and what you can do. Multiple tools are available to promote your career on the Intergalactic Web. Expose yourself to potential employers in your local area, city, county, state, country or across the entire planet. Find your next job on the Intergalactic Web!


Job Postings

Find your next employee on the Intergalactic Web. Post a job opening or search for qualified local candidates. We've got all of the tools you need to keep your company staffed and running smoothly.


News Feeds

Let the world know what you've done, what you're doing, or what you're going to do. Don't wait for the mass media to promote you or your group or company. We give you the tools to promote yourself without depending on other outlets to promote your story.


NewsFlash™ - 280 Character News Flashes
Blast a NewsFlash to the world and let them know what you're doing, what your thinking, or what you're having for lunch. Sometimes all you need in life is a headline.


Photo Albums
Share your photos with the rest of the world or set up a private album to share with only your close friends or family. Promote your group with photos of your events. Promote your business. Pictures say it all!


Opinion Polls
Everybody wants to give you their opinion... so let them!

Ask their opinion. Get their input. Find out what your customers or members want. Involve them!


Online Stores
Sell your stuff online! We give you your own ready to use store. Just add your products and you're ready to go. It couldn't be any easier.


Vendor Recommendations

In the real world, when you need to find a new dentist, landscaper, babysitter or auto mechanic you ask your friends, family, coworkers or neighbors if they know someone that they would recommend. The Intergalactic Web helps you find those vendors here.

On the Intergalactic Web, if a person, group or business has used vendors in their area that they really like and would recommend to other people, they can list those vendors in the Vendor Recommendations section of their site. Other users can then search (by geographic area) for highly-recommended vendors, by type, in any area. Recommendations are clean, simple and accountable.


We all love to share videos so, of course, you can do that here. Group your videos into albums/channels. Share your video channels with others and they'll discover everything else you do on your Pegafish site while they're there.


Adventure is calling!

Whether your adventure is making donuts or traveling around the world, it's probably being documented on video. Post it to your Vlog and let the world share in your life's adventure!


All this on one site with one username!
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